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June & July Important Date Calendars Now Available!

Visit the Monthly Calendar tab to get your copy today! Also available is the FY22 PD 10 June Financial Close Schedule Changes.

Arkansas Food Cost Centers Tax Rate Update Effective June 10

Read the AR Liquor Tax Memo for details.

Attention Units using Chef Works Vendor # 2693963

The Accounts Payable Department has been notified that UPS shipping invoices from Chef Works orders have been blocked from posting to Sodexo’s financials since December of 2021. AP will be processing an accrual journal entry under General Ledger account # 6242.1100 (Freight) to recognize these skipped expenses in Period 10.

*Please note - AP and Supply Management are actively engaged with UPS and Chef Works to resolve the outage as well as to ensure that all missing invoices are accounted for.  Should you have any related questions or concerns, please contact the AP Department at apinvoiceprocessing.noram@sodexo.com or via phone at 1-800-828-7762 option 1, then option 2.

Important! Ecolab Food Safety Solutions Vendor 1731116

The AP Department has been notified by Ecolab Food Safety Solutions of a significant volume of past due invoices related to recent customer account updates. The vendor is working to correct the alignment of the affected accounts so that their invoices can once again be sent electronically for review and approval. If your unit is aware of missing/unpaid invoices for this supplier and you have not yet submitted a Missing Invoice Investigation form, please work with your Operations Accountant to request that an accrual be posted for FY22 P10.  Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact the AP Department at 1-800-828-7762 option 1 and option 2.

The Market Connection Update:
Santa Maria Produce Name Change to Robertson’s Produce – Shreveport 

Santa Maria Produce (v# 4073772) was purchased by Robertson’s Produce last year.  Effective tomorrow April 27, you will see the supplier’s name changed in TMC to Robertson’s Produce - Shreveport when you view IV lists, approve invoices or browse catalogs.

Questions: CPS Call Center: Call 866-368-3472, option 1, email CallCenter.USA@clientps.com or online chat

Important! USA Clean Inc Vendor 2812576

The AP Department has been notified by USA Clean Inc of a significant volume of past due invoices dating back to 2019. The vendor has started to send missing invoices electronically for units to review and approve. Before approving these invoices, please give special attention to ensuring that they are valid as well as verifying that they have not already been processed for payment. 

*Please note - AP is working with USA Clean to determine the root cause of these aged invoices. If you receive a high volume of invoices from this supplier and require support, please contact the AP Department at apinvoiceprocessing.noram@sodexo.com or via phone at 1-800-828-7762 option 1, then option 2.

Great News! The New Updated Cash Handling Training is Now Open to All Class Codes!

A revised Cash Handling Training is now available on Sodexo­_Net. This 20-minute presentation will provide valuable information to ensure that your locations are following proper cash handling procedures. If you are responsible for handling or reporting cash activity, please complete this updated training. The cost is $8. If you have recently been blocked from registering for this course on Ingenium, please try again.


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Report Missing Electronic Invoices

Log-in to MySodexo & select the Enterprise Portal Application, Missing Electronic Invoice Investigation Portal. The portal offers an effective & efficient means of notifying AP that an electronic invoice has not been received. Questions, email : APInvoiceProcessing.Noram@sodexo.com.

Controller Call Corner!

Upcoming Controller Calls

♦ July 19 - 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm ET
♦ July 20 - 10:00 am - 11:00 am ET

June 2022 Presentation
♦ PD10 Close Schedule
♦ Inflation - Discussion with Clients
     ♦ Seniors Rate Tool
     ♦ Pain Point Example
♦ Career Profile - Amanda Beelitz

May 2022 Presentation
♦ Simplify Scanning Solution
     ♦ Paper Invoice Submission
     ♦ Cash Management Requirements
♦ Closed Cost Center Process
♦ Career Profile - Luann Susfolk

April 2022 Presentation
♦ Cash Handling & Controls AF
♦ Comprehensive Receivables Solution (CRS) Update
♦ Career Profile - Eric Wright

March 2022 Presentation
♦ Inventory Policy Review
♦ Career Profile - Cindy Scott (part 2)
     ♦ Career Path
     ♦ Running your business as a P&L

February 2022 Presentation
♦ Guest Speaker - Cindy Scott
♦ Q2 Collections
♦ Brands Reporting Enhancement in E=Vision

November 2021 Presentation
♦ UFS - SAP Fiori Link
♦ Inventory Transfer Sheet
♦ Cash Deposit Decoupling
♦ Metric Reporting in E=Vision

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