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New Electronic Supplier Enabled on Monday, March 6

March 6 2023 SE Chart

Action Required: Prior to the enablement of the electronic process, invoices for the suppliers listed above on the Supplier Enablement chart require prompt attention and processing in UFS:

  • Friday, March 3 - Please ensure you have manually processed and transmitted all outstanding invoices for the suppliers listed who will be transitioning to the electronic process this month. (Contact the suppliers today to fax you missing copies of any past due invoices).
  • Monday, March 6 - Any invoices dated March 6 or after for the suppliers listed above will be electronically processed through UIPS and will flow to your unit’s invoice reconciliation and approval system, TMC or e-Pay. You will no longer enter invoices in UFS for payment.
  • Important message from Accounts Payable: Any paper invoices dated March 5 or earlier, that are not processed for payment through UFS by March 5, must be entered in the AP Payment Request Portal for payment. Please email APInvoiceProcessing.Noram@sodexo.com with any questions related to this process.

For a listing of all electronic invoicing suppliers, review the Master Electronic Suppliers List on Sodexo_Net.

Support Resources:

UFS Technical Issues UFS Help Desk: 1.888.667.9111, opt 1, 2, 1
UFS General Inquiries UFSAdministrator.Noram@Sodexo.com
TMC Technical Issues Client Procurement Services Call Center: 1.866.368.3472, opt 1
TMC General Inquiries TheMarketConnection.USA@sodexo.com
DRIVE Post Deployment Support DRIVESupport.USA@sodexo.com
DRIVE Deployment Inquiries DRIVEDeployment.USA@sodexo.com
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